Welcome to my outlet in an attempt to remain somewhat relevant in the world of hockey and sports broadcasting.

If you’re reading this you likely know me in some capacity. But if not, you can visit the ABOUT page and learn a little more.

In short, I recently was let go from my post with the Cowichan Valley Capitals of the BCHL due to the financial situation of the previous regime. Sadly my position was not renewed and I continue to search for my next adventure in the sports broadcasting world. Until (or perhaps even after) then, I shall use this site to convey my musings and reporting on multiple levels of hockey. I’m not entirely sure how this will evolve but that’s the fun of it all isn’t it?

What I certainly intend to include is a weekly BCHL power rankings. There is really no such list in existence so why not create one? In my years working with several BCHL franchises there were fewer issues that caused more routine uproar than the weekly CJHL top 20. This is my naive attempt to counter that. Will it be somewhat subjective? Of course, any ranking system is. But I will attempt to use a combination of results combined with the quality of opponents faced and perhaps a few other considerations in my attempt to create a somewhat logical power rankings list. My intention is not to criticize nor to praise any team in particular. I have friends and acquaintances with pretty much every member club in the BCHL and my intent is not to pour kerosene on any situation nor to “suck up” as it were. I merely would like to do this to provide my own expert insight and hopefully create some dialogue.

In that same vein, I will offer my thoughts and observations on other goings on throughout the BCHL, WHL, CIS, and of course the NHL as well. The name of my new blog is the physical dimension of a regulation hockey rink afterall.

This is my cathartic outlet. If I can engage and entertain while doing so, all the better.

Cheers to the start of yet another hockey season, let’s hope it’s as unpredictable and exciting as ever!


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