College Commitments In Depth

About a month ago I posted a list of the number of NCAA Division I scholarships as ranked by team across the BCHL.

I had significant interest in the list and a some very good discussions resulted so I decided to look into it a bit further. I have now updated the list and included several columns. This time I have separated the number of commitments on each team’s roster from 2015-16 as well as this season. I then provide a combined number. But perhaps most importantly I make note of the number of commitments gained by each team (“Team Credit” column). That is to say the scholarships acquired while those players were carded with their BCHL club.

For example, while the Penticton Vees lead with a very impressive 24 scholarships over the last two seasons, only 12 of those were acquired while those players were members of the Vees. In many cases players have already committed to a school before becoming a member of the team.

Now these numbers aren’t precise, and there will be some argument as to which team is “responsible” for each scholarship. In some cases players receive a scholarship with one BCHL team and are then traded to another. I have tried to ensure the team that held the player’s rights at the time of his commitment receives credit.

Nothing is 100% precise but even with a margin of error of plus/minus 1 this gives a good indication as to which teams are doing a better job of moving their players on to the next level. Also note the 2016-17 column notes only new scholarships to that team this season.


**Figures taken from



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